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Developing innovative therapeutics in oncology and behavioural brain disorders

TheraCryf plc is a clinical stage therapeutics company developing a new generation of innovative therapeutics in oncology and behavioural brain disorders. TheraCryf’s strategy is to generate compelling data sets with a goal of partnering its programmes with mid-size to large pharma.

Formerly Evgen Pharma plc, the Company acquired Chronos Therapeutics in April 2024.  TheraCryf, the new name for the Group, reflects a wider mission and broader portfolio.  The Company’s clinical asset is SFX-01, a patented sulforaphane-based medicine. Chronos’ neuropsychiatry assets use novel chemistry to address highly relevant targets in brain health and have composition of matter patent cover.  The Group Company has the expertise to develop and commercialise the combined portfolio.

Our Pipeline

TheraCryf is focused on developing commercially successful products. We are currently targeting certain cancers and behavioural brain disorders.
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TheraCryf’s strategy is to demonstrate proof of concept for its proprietary drug candidates in carefully selected diseases and then conclude partnerships with larger organisations better positioned to take these drugs through large scale clinical trials and commercial launch.


Clinical trials with TheraCryf's most advanced product, SFX-01, demonstrate objective responses in cancer patients.

Preclinical data has been generated for the orexin 1 receptor antagonist (Ox1) in preclinical models of addiction and for the DAT inhibitor in models of fatigue and narcolepsy.

Meet the team

TheraCryf’s leadership team has decades of corporate, financial and scientific experience in biotech and pharma companies. The Company is also supported by an expert Scientific Advisory Board.

News & Media

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